Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Wk 3

Three weeks down. I finally feel like I'm getting enough protein on Weight Watchers. It took a little time to adjust to the points distribution. A decent size pork chop is only 3pts. I guess I've never really know proper portion size.

While I was organizing our office, I came across this picture of the Big Man and I at his graduation. I feel sad for the girl in this picture. Only 22 but 200lbs. And if you asked me if I was happy with my body, I'd have said yes. But I only ever wore pants and rarely wore short sleeves.  And I was sad. I was hiding from my emotions. I hated to leave the house because I hated to get dressed.

Me, the Big Man and the Senior Project Car

I've been giving myself a hard time the last few months because my weight loss has stalled. But I look at that picture and can see how far I've come. Not only physically but emotionally. I feel like I can try anything. I may not be great at it. But at least I'm doing new stuff.

This weeks progress:

Big Man Δ (%) MegΔ (%)
Starting wt (lbs) 258 01820
Wk 1 wt (lbs) 255 .99177 .97
Wk 2 wt (lbs)255.99176.97
Wk 3 wt (lbs)252.97 175.96

I think I need a new scale. The Big Man has a hard time getting an accurate weight. He can get off and on 3times and get  different weights. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the size of his feet vs. the size of the deck of the scale. Does any one have a suggestion for a man-size scale?


Jill said...

Congratulations on you and the hubbs...that's great on the weight loss! Keep it up :)!!

Laurin said...

I am glad you are starting to see what we see... a beautiful woman who has made her life and her self different and even better than before!