Monday, July 12, 2010

Training Wk5

I got some nice running in this week. The unseasonably cool weather we had last week made my Tuesday evening run very pleasant. Not too hot or humid. I didn't even carry water. (I almost always have water.) Instead of running my 2.5mi on the treadmill Friday. The Big Man for a family walk. Li wanted to run so I left her run ahead as I followed.  But she has my grace and wiped out after a block. Poor baby landed on her hands and knees. She got a nice little bloody scrape on each. MM wanted to run too since her big sister was out of the stroller.  So cute. Running the way 2yr olds do. We had a nice evening.

Saturday, I wore new kicks to an event (a post on that to come). I like to save my good running sock for long runs so I wore my cheapy ones. Those new shoes tore up my heals. Then Sunday like an idiot I wore the same kind of sock on my run. Blood on the heals of my Newtons! I'm so mad at myself. Wednesday, I'm going to by more good socks.

My Battle Scarred Newtons

And of course, I've now added more scars to my heals to match the semi-missing big toe nails. I can't decided if I should paint my toe nails and wear sandals or hide my poor runner's feet. 

I'm excited and nervous about this weeks plan. I have run anything more than 5mi since April . Gosh, two and a half months. That was so long ago. Oh well. Time to get back on the ball.
This weeks plan:
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
07/11 07/1207/1307/1407/1507/1607/17
30min run
lift upper body
30min runeasy walk
lift upper body 
bike  6.5mi

How do you feel about your poor scarred, blistered runner's feet? Ugly and deformed and should be hidden? Or badges of honor to be shown off with pride?


Christina said...

I say show your feet off with pride!
I painted my black toenails with a darker nail polish shade. I'm usually a pink/lighter shade nail polish kinda girl, and having black toe mail is helping me venture outside my comfort zone.

Man, your Newtons are pretty bloody looking.

Lori said...

Ow your feet!

I actually wear sandals with socks. It's a holdover from my days living in Boulder, CO. That is just how it's done there because you wear sandals all year round LOL! Plus it keeps your feet from getting sweaty and dirty.

Jill said...

You'll do great with the long run this week, you've been gearing up for it and it's ready to give it a shot! Owie on the heels, I don't think that's anything I've ever had before!

Middle Name Marie said...

My feet are my badges of honor--Pedicure? Who needs it!!! Although, once when I did get my toe nails painted to match my fingernails, the girl gave me an interesting look and asked if I wanted the full pedi-treatment. I declined...I would feel too bad for her if she had to file down my calluses!