Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Wk 2

Week two of the weightloss challenge is done. I feel like I'm settling in to the new diet. I had so many flex points and activity points left for today I didn't even bother to count points. Eating better and

Friday afternoon, the Big Man and I dressed the girl for a walk. While I dressed MM, the Big Man tied Li's shoes. But he didn't double-knot the laces. I noticed he doesn't-double knot his own laces. That got me thinking. Do grown ups not double-knot? Am I just a goofy fool who can't walk with out her shoes coming untied?

We weighed in this morning to check our progress:

Big Man Δ (%) MegΔ (%)
Starting wt (lbs) 258 01820
Wk 1 wt (lbs) 255 .99177 .97
Wk 2 wt (lbs)255.99176.97

I think I mis-recorded my weight last week. I think it was 179 not 177. But either way I still lost a pounds this week.

Do you still double knot your laces?


Allie said...

Good job!!! And I always double know my laces, I'm too lazy to bend over and tie them again when they come untied. LOL

Anonymous said...

I always double knot. I'm scared mine will come untied and I'll trip over them- just that clumsy.

Amy Lauren

Lori said...


I only double knot for races.

Shelley said...

I double knot, otherwise they ALWAYS come untied.

Nice work staying on the losing streak! :)

Laurin said...

Ummmm... no double knotting here but my laces do come untied alot. I often walk around with them untied b/c I am too lazy to bend over. Maybe I should look into the double knot!