Monday, July 19, 2010

Half Marathon Training Wk6

I'm in the sweet spot of my training. Far enough in to be in a grove but the long runs aren't too long yet. I feel strong and confident. No worries (yet) that I can't finish a long run. 
Last Friday, I ran my 6.5mi on my mill. A full mile farther than I've ever been able to last on a mill before. Usually, I pass out from boredom. There wasn't much of a choice. I kept the girls home with me so we could go do something fun later in the day. So it was mill or nothing. Actually, the time flew by. I netflixed a show and started running. Not a bad way to spend time. 

I am now the proud owner of my very own new (to me) spin bike. Nanny Goats gym upgraded their bikes and sold the used ones for $150. I'm sooo excited. I no longer have to be the selfish B at my work gym during lunch. (My work gym only has one bike and since I have a nice boss I leave for lunch early to nab the bike before anyone else.)  And the Big Man set up a TV in the spare room so we can watch while we run or spin. My front room was supposed to be the extra TV room for the kids. But now I guess it's my home gym. Yea!

My new toy

My training schedule for this week isn't too bad.  Only 3mi for my "long" run. Although, the more I think about it. I might run the 8mi that's scheduled for next week's long run. I have a few appointments next Friday. I doubt I can squeeze in 8mi too. Or should I just skip the 8mi? Well, I'd run some that day just not the full 8.

This weeks half-marathon training plan:
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
07/18 07/1907/2007/2107/2207/2307/24
Spillway Classic
lift upper body
Spin bike
30min runeasy walk
lift upper body 
spin bike  3mi

Should I run 8mi this Friday? Or run my scheduled 3mi and run as many as I can next Friday?  
What are you excited about this week?


Middle Name Marie said...

Run the 8 miles this Friday. Long runs build confidence; skipping them can grow doubt and insecurity--at least that is how it goes for me.

Great home gym--BTW!

Lori said...

$150 for a spin bike? Score!!

I would try for the run, but if you don't have time to get in all 8, that's okay.

Shelley said...

Sa-weet spin bike!!!

I have no idea on the 8 - I'm still working on doing 5! Good luck - I'm sure you'll do great.

Christina said...

Run more the 8 (if you have no trouble) But be careful, you don't want to hurt yourself either.

That's an awesome deal for a spin bike! What kind of treadmill do you have at home?

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I say if you are feeling good about your runs and feel you can hit 8 then go for it, definitely builds confidence like middle name marie said!