Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paint Like a Master

Well, not me. My painting is limited to 2D turtles and pigs. But the talented people at Corks N Canvas will give you step by step instructions how to paint a picture along with a local artist. Oh and not to mention they let you bring your adult beverage of choice.

Last Friday, three of the four Shuttle Sisters (Laurin couldn't make it) plus two headed to Mandeville (on the Northshore of NOLA) for an art class.  We were lucky enough to be seated up front of the class. We had a great view of our instructor, Eddie. He gave us step by step directions on how to paint our very own Street Car. I've never had any art instruction and am surprised how much I learned in a 3 hour class.

Elizabeth, Mel, Kristy, Me and Jen setting up our Canvases and Paints before class stared

Sketching the Street Car and Painting the background

Painting trees and the Street Car

Laurin enjoyed herself even though she couldn't be there

The finished product. Not too shabby.

If you are looking for a fun night out with the your girls, I recommend  an art class (at Corks N Canvas) and a bottle of wine. Not only do you get to bond with friends you get a piece of art you painted to hang on you walls. This is a genius idea. I can't wait to do it again.


Laurin said...

Ya'll are CRAZY!! ha ha. I like my lipstick! :) That is SO my style!

Lindsay said...

I love it!!!

Shelley said...

What a fun, fun thing to do - I love your sense of adventure!

Christina said...

Awesome! It was so sweet of y'all to include Laurin. I'm sure she had a good time too! I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. Think there is one of a different name up in Shreveport.
Enjoy your cool weather.

Katye said...

hi! email me at KatyeRunninAround@gmail.com with Book Swap in the subject =) I'm putting together the email list so I can get the book swap going!