Thursday, January 21, 2010

Virtual 10K & Kiddie Encouragement

Virtual 10K
One of my lovely bloggy friends clued me into a virtual 10K. The idea is that we (the participants) run a 10k on Jan 23. But its since everyone lives in different parts of the country, we all run in our home towns and she'll post the times on her blog. The winners (the fastest and random indoor/outdoor winner) win wrist warmers she knitted.  

I love this idea.Its like that scene in Joe Dirt when he's looking at the moon "And at that moment I thought I might just lie there and never get up. I would just sit there and rot there, but then I looked up and saw the moon and got this weird feeling that Brandi was looking up at that same moon." When you have support while running, it makes the miles fly by. I'm sure this works even if your friends aren't right next to you.

I'll be running my miles on Friday morning, probably on the treadmill.

[Update: I ran this morning on the mill. My time was 68-ish mins]

Yesterday morning, Li woke up & came  downstairs as I was finishing my run on the treadmill. When I got off, she said "Mommy you're really good at running." My first reaction was to reply that I'm not, I'm really slow. But before I did, I decide to take the compliment. Because she's right. I am. I can run for hours on end. That's the thing 3yr olds. They have a different perspective on life.


Staci Dombroski said...

That is so cute what your daughter said!!! Have a great weekend!

scott said...

you are good at running! not many people have done a Half. you're about to do your second!

Laurin said...

Yep... you need to listen to your girls!