Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Saturday

We had a relaxing morning yesterday. It's so cold outside I didn't feel like getting off the sofa, out from under my blanket. As Li was changing out of her jammers, MM decided to get her in the belly button with the stuffed snake. 

The Big Man isn't a huge fan of soup but it's cold. And the January issue of Runner's World had a recipe for bean and ham soup I thought looked tasty.It was really good and I used some of the honey baked ham I had in the freezer. I tried to find the recipe online to link but I couldn't. If you'd like it send me an email and I'll type it up for you.

Finally, at 10:30AM decided to get dressed for a bike ride. I figured my cold weather running gear would suffice. I put on as many layers as I could,

  • running ear warmer & gloves
  • long sleeve tech shirt
  • running jacket
  • oversized sweatshirt
  • bike shorts
  • running tights
  • two pairs
  • old running shoes

I was warm except for my toes. Old running shoes was a bad idea. The breathable mesh let in the cold. My toes were numb after ten mins. Besides my toes, I had a nice ride. The fountains in my neighborhood were frozen.
And yes, those are both our trucks. We live in Louisiana. What can I say.

After the ride and lunch, the Big Man and I did 35mins of P90. MM was under foot the whole time, per usual.(He uses the DVDs to exercise when he stays the night at work.) It was tough but not impossible. We were both sweating. When I woke up this morning, my inner thighs were sore. It's a nice feeling.

Earlier in the week, I lined up a babysitter for a much needed date night. We're old and I turn into a pumpkin at 9:30 so we start our dates early. I mean 5PM early. We went to the 5:30 showing of Sherlock Holmes. It was fun. I love action movies. I tried to take a picture us but this is the best I could get. Not too bad except I'm missing 1/4of my face.

Then we head to our fav Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Corona. The margaritas are the best. I know they're not on my diet but...

This Morning
My pesky scale is still reading up a few lbs. higher than it was last week. I'm working on it but it takes time to work it off. But I'm not a patient person. Seriously, I weighed myself 3x yesterday. I think I need to hide my scale for a few weeks or I'll drive myself crazy.

Ok, enough rambling.


Melissa said...

I forgot to ask where in Louisiana you are. I assume south.
I want to get into biking, there just isn't a good place here.

Megan said...

I'm outside of New Orleans on the other side of the river from the airport. I just ride in my neighborhood. But our levee is paved so I can ride there too. But there's lots of place in te city to ride. Are you in BR?

Staci Dombroski said...

It looks like you had a great weekend! I love date nights with the husband too! We always leave the house about 6 :-)