Friday, January 15, 2010

Football Pool

Thanks to every one who bought a square of my football pool. Good luck.
Who Dat!

$150 for Half Time Score
$150 for Final Score

FYI....My Mardi Gras Goodies Give Away is still going on. 

[Congrats Cathy H. - Won the both 1st and 2nd halfs. $300!]


Staci Dombroski said...

I am from Arizona so I will have to say " Go Cardinals!" hehe. It should be a good game. I know that you are preferred to win though :-( Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...


Libby said...

Go Saints! For 2 reasons:
1) The Cardinals beat my beloved Packers- I'm still not over it
2) I would love to see the Saints beat the Vikings right before the Superbowl- that is if the Vikings win tomorrow.
Watching the game right now and they are looking good:)