Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's My Name....Winner

The winner of the Help Me Customize My Race Bib contest is....

Teamarica with Meg's Goin' Bayou! - Chosen because when MM wants to sit next to you on the sofa she says "sit bayou."

Congrats! She won my last CSN giveaway. So hopefully she's got something awesome in mind.

All of the entries were great. So everyone who suggested a name will get a pair of my favorite running socks Balega Hidden Comfort.

Zoe was super fast with her ideas:
Meg Kicks Cancer
LivingInLuling & Rockin' - a very close 2nd. In fact, I flipped a coin.
Hares Don't Scare Me 
AM gave me a new kick name which I love:
Gulf Coast'n Megou!

Stephanie's nickname makes me sound awesome! I may legally change to Megerator. Or at least get letterhead with it:
Megerator To The Finish

Megerator Rocks 13.1

Y'all be sure to send me your mailing address to megmehell at yahoo. I'll get your prizes out as soon as I can. Congrats! And thanks for helping me be less lame.


Christina said...

Love those suggestions!
Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know once I decide. Gonna sit on that race for a few more days!

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much!

Tricia said...

great suggestions

Teamarcia said...

Thank you so much!
We are trading wins here my dear as you won my Girl In Motion Headbands!