Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Mishmash

Normally, I like to do separate posts for each idea. I'm not good with flow and tying themes together. But I've been a bad blogger lately. I haven't blogged about much of anything as of late. This random mishmash of the things that have been rolling around in my head. Sorry, I know its long.

Race season is almost here! My first race is 10days out. The inaugural Louisiana Half.  I'm so excited. I love race day. The excitement, the comradery, the medal, the after party. A few of my friends are running this race too. Plus a bloggy meet up. I should have tons of fun.

This past Sunday, I "ran" my last long run of my training. I put ran in quotes because I didn't run it. Well, I ran 3 miles out of the 10.5mi and walked the rest. My hip/ITband is still bothering me. Running hurts. But walking is fine. The one advantage to being a slow runner is that my running isn't that much faster than walking. So it's not a big hit to my ego. My plan is to walk the first half marathon. Then maybe rest a bit, do all my stretches/strengthening and see if it will ease up. If not, I walk the second one at the end of the month too. I know that I should just rest and not race.  But I've signed up, paid, and told people I was racing. So I'm racing.

Weekend Fun
Now that its fall, festival season here in Southeast Louisiana has started again. Last weekend was the beginning of Oktoberfest at the Deutsches Haus. It was a fun way to introduce the girlies to the little bit of German heritage they have mixed in with the Cajun and Irish. What's not to love about this festival. Lots of pork, lots of beer, lots of people, and of course music.

The Big Man, MM, & Li enjoying the porky goodness

Li dancing with the Big Chicken to (of course) the Chicken Dance

MM being too terified of the Big Chicken to dance with him

MM with me and with her daddy. 
Yeah, that's a Road Id.  I make them wear them at festivals/Mardi Gras

The next day we went to the Alligator Festival in Luling. In reality, we went because it was close to the house. (This isn't a very exciting festival. More like a state fair.) Nothing is ever close to our house. We have to drive at least a half hour to get to the fun (which is fine). But since this was close, we took the girlies to the festival.  Of course, we ate lots of alligator food, alligator burgers, alligator sausage, alligator fritters, etc.  Then once we loaded up on food, we hit the rides.

I was trying really hard not to let my engineering self 
talk me out of letting my girlies ride these unsafe looking rides. I'm
not scared to ride them but putting my kids on them is a completely different story.

Of course, there was a baby alligator from a local farm to pet

Wedding Weekend
My Brother is finally getting married on Saturday. I'm so excited/happy for them. I love my new sister in law, Lindsay.  The girlies along with Lindsay's nieces are the bubble girls. I bought gorgeous white eyelet dresses from a seamstress on etsy.  Don't you just love etsy?!

We are going to spend a few extra days in Mississippi to make in a mini vaca. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share next week. 

Me with the Bride-to-be at her Shower

Although, I've been a bad blogger, I have been checking in on your blogs. I can do that without having to put together coherent thought. I'll try to stop by over the weekend but no guarantees.  
What do y'all have going on this weekend?


Emz said...

YAY! Love all the photos.

I love - LOVE weddings. Such amazing events to attend.

Christina said...

I enjoyed reading your random mishmash. You covered a lot of areas. Somehow, my lower back is hurting. I have no idea what I could have possibly done to make it hurt. It is miserable. Hopefully, it will be fine on race day because I want to run it.
If not, you might have gotten yourself a walking/running/stumbling partner.

Amanda said...

That's exciting that your race is coming up. I agree, there's just nothing like race day. It's so much fun! And I also agree that more people need to give wearing their babies a shot instead of looking at me like I have 3 heads when they see me wearing her or hear me talking about it:)

christina said...

Good luck on the half! We are in the same running group for the PR challange on RuntoTheFinish. My half is in 2 weeks! So excited!!! Good luck!