Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rusty Beauty

As y'all know, running is my first (sport) love. But a close second, is my bike. She fairly new and still shiny. I've only had her for 9mo. I love the feeling of flying I get when I'm out riding. She's light as a feather but sturdy enough to drag 80lbs of kid in a trailer. Here's a picture of my bike (Well, one like it).

I know that my road bike isn't "fancy" per se. But she is my first bike since I was a kid and I've never been that skilled on 2 wheels. When we were looking for a bike for me, I wanted something nice but not too expensive. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to ride. That I'd fall off too many times and get freaked out. Nope. It really is like riding a bike. You just hop on and go.

Last month, I was bequeathed a work bike from a family friend. (Yes, the facility I work in is large enough that it warrants riding a bike places. Hell, if I were more important I'd have a scooter. It's that big. ) I was sooo happy to get the "new to me" bike. I've been logging lots of miles over the last 7yrs walking thru this factory. Plus, I'm often carrying heavy things place to place.

But  this work bike, Rusty Beauty, is not my road bike. First off, my Rusty Beauty spent most of her life outside. Hence, the name. Secondly, the brakes are nearly shot. I can fix that. Just haven't gotten around to it.  Third, Rusty Beauty weighs a ton. And all of the weight is in the front end.  My road bike probably weighs a svelte 20lbs.  I know better than to try to figure out how much Rusty Beauty weighs. I mean, that's just rude.  Because of these three things and my natural clumsiness, she and I have been in a few near misses in the past month. I try to stop on her like I would my road bike. Light brake tap and toes down. Doesn't work so well. I've got to get out of this habit or I'm going to have another run in with Safety.

Having said the above, I am so happy to have Rusty Beauty in my life. Makes my day a little easier. Plus, bike riding in a building is just plain fun.

Rusty Beauty

The cause of Rusty Beauty's weight problem


Melanie said...

Wait a minute! Didn't you get banned from bikes at MAF when you fell off of one years ago?? I'm going to call Safety and let them know that you are once again armed and dangerous.

Lori said...

Love it! Until the economy improves and everyone gets a Segway, right?

Emz said...

OK - I LOVE that bike. Awesome. Wire basket and all. AMAZING!

Teamarcia said...

I'll bet RB may be worth some $$!