Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Saints are Coming...

This song has been running thru my head all day. Probably, because I've heard it ten times in the last week. They are! In a few hours, the Saints will be whippin' up on the Vikings. All of NOLA is giddy with anticipation. Living in the "City that Care Forgot" my whole life, I've never know every New Orleanian to feel the same way about one thing. I love the festival/party feeling in the air. Now that the humidity has broken and there's a hint of fall, it's a great time to be in NOLA.

Everyone is sporting their gear today. Every business gave their employees permission to wear black and gold. Even Li's school, that has super strict uniform policy, allowed them to wear a Saints shirt over their uniform.  Luckily, I bought her a new shirt for this season. But I didn't have any black and gold hair thingies. So I had to improvise. Not to shabby for one night's notice.

She giving me the peace sign or the British equivalent of the finger. Probably the latter. 

And of course, what ever sweet sister is doing MM has to too.

All of downtown is shutting down early. People started tailgating yesterday. Not exaggerating.  Even the main Post Office shut down early.

Who Dat!!! Who Dat!!! Who Dat!!!


Teamarcia said...

Awesome hair thingies! Really the humidity breaks in NO? Who knew?