Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Wk 8

So... I've come to the conclusion I do not understand weight loss. Last week, I didn't lose any weight. I did have a few treats but I stayed with in my points. So I figured I need to be more disciplined and stay on plan. Then, this week I ate lunch out three times this week, which means I blew thru my daily points before dinner. And I didn't work out Tuesday and Wednesday due to injury. (That story to come) But I lots 3lbs.
The lesson I learned over the past two weeks is just keep at it. Slow and steady. I should know this already.
This weeks progress:

Big Man Δ (%) MegΔ (%)
Starting wt (lbs) 258 01820
Wk 1 wt (lbs) 255 .99177 .97
Wk 2 wt (lbs)255.99176.97
Wk 3 wt (lbs)252.97 175.96
Wk 4 wt (lbs)252.97 173.95
Wk 5 wt (lbs)251.97 172.94
Wk 6 wt (lbs)250.97 170.93
Wk 7 wt (lbs)250.97 170.93
Wk 8 wt (lbs)249.96 167.92


AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

Usually my weight loss or weight gain from either 'good' or 'bad' eating, doesn't show up on the scale til' 2 wks + later.

overall....looks like you're doing great. keep your advice/mantra with you

Christina said...

Looks like you are doing great. Keep at it. I think as long as you are watching what you eat, you will get there. Don't be discouraged by the weeks when you don't seem to lose any weight.

Shelley said...

It's that whole "big picture" thing with weight loss that is so hard to take sometimes...but congrats on your 3 pounds lost! :)

Lori said...

Great job! One thing about weight loss - it is never linear.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I have this belief that it takes about 1-2 weeks for my efforts to show up, so the week I do well doesn't show up for at least nother week...same with when I don't do so well