Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired

Not to toot my own horn, but I am good at a lot of things. I can belt out Don't Stop Believin' nearly as well as Steve Perry. I can cook just about anything,  I can crunch numbers in my head. I can run for hours and hours. All this while entertaining two small maniacs.  But the list of things I'm not capable of is just as long if not longer. I can't dance, play volleyball, walk with out bumping into something, or take a picture worth a damn.

As I've gotten older, I've learned that the parts of my life where I lack natural skill are areas of my life that I can work on and become proficient . I've taught myself to be a distance runner even though I'm no athlete. I post on this blog a few times a week even though putting together a coherent sentence takes more time than it should.

The time has come for me improve on my home design skills. My bedroom is really sad. If I did an episode of cribs I for sure wouldn't say "This is where the magic happens" when I showed off my room.  Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of magic. Just no design.

Obviously, I have a thing for green. But it does not go well with the 80's blue carpet. I bought that down comforter with the idea of getting modern duvet cover.  But I never have gotten around to it. Hopefully, I can find something at All Modern. They have a big selection so I should be able to find something greenish, that's not to girlie.

Not to mention, there is nothing on the walls. I have yet to find something I really like. The space behind my bed is large and empty. I have no idea how to fill it. Not that I really put any effort into finding the right art piece.  What's on the wall above your bed?

I'm tired of being uninspired by my room. I'm going to start working on making it a sanctuary. As soon as we have a spare couple hundred dollars to spare.


AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

That is too funny. I literally spent ALL day yesterday completing revamping our bedroom. It needed to be done. and I'm so glad I did! I just totally rearranged all the furniture (the bed, armoir (sp), shoe bench, etc) put dressers in the bathroom, angled the bed, made a headboard out of our old cupboard doors. it was therapeutic!

Laurin said...

Good luck finding a duvet to match your walls. Mine are green too and it is, apparently, the hardest shade of green to match. I would just repaint but I have no time or patience for that! You did give me something to think about though... improving areas where I have little natural skill. That's a good challenge. If only I had more time!!!

Lori said...

Sometimes just a coat of paint can do so much for a room. Just start bit by bit.

We actually have a wall hanging behind our bed as sort of a head board and it is kind of cool that way.

Jill said...

If I had mucho moola, oh the places I'd go to revamp my bedroom - or even my entire house. I have had about 8 different colors of paint samples on my walls for about 4 years. No joke. Right now it's blue and I hate blue. Why is it blue?? What made me do that? Heaven knows. I'd like it a vilot color but that would require a new bedspread and sheets and towels....which isn't in the budget, and apparently hasn't been for 4 years. One day. You've got me at least thinking about it again! Good luck with the change :).

Teamarcia said...

Above the bed are 3 abstract pics: Knowledge (my side) wealth (his side) and health in the center. I am fairly satisfied with the decor, although I haven't paid attention to it in years. yikes.

Christina said...

Behind/above my bed are the windows. I went the lazy route and plopped the bed in front of the windows and let the windows do the talking.
Good luck!