Monday, August 9, 2010

Half Marathon Training Wk9

So... last week I slacked. On a run and on a spin sessions. Yep. I slacked. Got lots of excuses, if you wanna hear. Anyway, the real reason is I couldn't get my sleepy booty out of bed. But to make up for it, I decided to do this weeks long run with my friend and DetermiNation teammate Christy who didn't have to work until 11AM on Friday. She's training for the Philly half in September and two with me in October.

Two weeks before, I had such a rough run in the heat I swore I would do my long runs in on the mill until the heat broke. But given the option of having a running buddy and the heat/humidity or running alone. I chose someone to talk to. It's been months since I ran with anyone. And I was happy to have company on what I knew was going to be a hard run. Like everywhere else in the county, NOLA is under a heat advisory.

We ran in a part of the city I've never really explored, up the Bayou St. John to the lake. Lots of interesting houses. Every other house seemed to have a pool which was so tempting. If anyone offered us a swim, I'm sure we would have ditched the run. The first bit of the run went well. Keeping a good pace. The weather started to get to us. We started walking more and more. By then end, it was all we could to do to finish. But we did. And crazy Christy went to work a full shift. Not sure how she did that. The most I could manage was eat the PB sandwich I had waiting in my car. Then stumble in to the shower and crawl into my bed.

The funny thing about it is that even though we struggled thru that run,we plan to do it again this Friday. Both of us were raised in the Gulf South. And the heat is part of who we are. So wear hats and drink lots of fluid. Oh and I always run with my phone. Just in case.

This weeks half-marathon training plan:
Sun Mon Tues Wed T hurs Fri Sat
08/09 08/1008/1108/1208/1308/1408/15
RestSpin bike 30min run
Spin Bike
Spin Bike 9mi runRed Dress Run
The Red Dress Run is this Saturday. Nanny Goat and I will be out with 4000 other fools running a total four miles from one bar to the next. It's going to be awesome. We'll have the best outfits out there. I made us tutus.  There will be lots of pictures to come.


Tricia said...

the red dress run sounds fun!

Kathleen said...

Love the tutu idea!

Shelley said...

You make me feel better about being so wiped out after running in this crazy heat! It's hard, but yeah, I'd pick running outside with a buddy any day.

Can't wait to see your outfits for the upcoming race - how fun!

Teamarcia said...

I'm sitting here dripping reading this as I just bailed on my run after 3 miles--gonna go now and finish on the mill. Have a blast with NG at the race!

Lori said...

Being a yankee girl, I am a wuss with the humidity! I hate running in it. I sweat enough as it is, and then with humidity and I am a soaked sponge on legs.

Patricia said...

The Break Your PR plan over at is the best marathon training program I've yet seen. You should check out. Good luck!