Saturday, October 9, 2010

Race Ready

My alarm is set to go off at 3:50AM tomorrow for me to get ready for the Louisiana Half. Of course, I'm super excited. I love race day. So as not to wake the entire house or forget anything, I like to layout all of my gear. That way my brain does not have to immediately jump into action.

I think I've got everything, except my garmin, who is charging. Hold on...let me go add that to my pile. Ok.
Let's see. I have all my favorite gear:
  • thriv tank
  • brooks skirt
  • balega socks
  • brooks shoes
  • chocolate GU
  • water bottle (in the freezer) 
  • bodyglide
  • my backup bodyglide
  • personalized race bib
  • morning meds
  • advil, just in cases
  • running sunglasses
  • headband
  • Mardi Gras half hat
  • ipod (fully charged)
  • zensha compression leg sleeves for after
  • change of clothes
  • cash & ID

I'm pretty sure I've got it all but my morning peanut butter sandwich. But I just realized I don't have any sunscreen or lip balm. As soon as, I'm done with this post I'm going to pre-set my coffee maker then go to bed early.

Did I miss anything else?

Good luck, to everyone else who is racing. Check back tomorrow for a quick race status and to see what I eat the night before a race.


Lori said...

Have an awesome race!

EricaH said...

Sounds like your all set good luck tomorrow. :)

also my blog moved to

Christina said...

Have a wonderful wonderful time. I will be thinking about you!

Shelley said...

Thinking about you today, Megan - hope the race went well!

Black Knight said...

I read about you on Christina's blog now so I am late to wish good luck. I think that in this moment you are enjoying the post race time! I hope that you ran a great race.