Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pre-race Tradition

Warning, this maybe TMI for some people. So if feet gross you out, stop reading here. 

I used to have a pair of very cute, well cared for feet (except for that one wonky toe but that genetic.) Toes always polished and never callused heals. But like most runners, my feet suffer for my sport; half missing toenail, blisters, calluses, scars. I have it all. Running more than, say, 8miles makes my big toenails feel bruised. No matter what I do, the wonky toe gives the one next to it a blister.I seriously doubt my shoes are at fault. Multiple running shoe professionals have sized me and outfitted with many different brands.  I used to think because I was heavier than I should be my feet took more of a beating. But I'm less than 10lbs from a "normal" weight for someone my height. Maybe my form needs improvement.

Because of the sad state my feet after half marathon training, I like a pre-race pedicure. There is no way I'd ask an aesthetian to deal with my terrible tootsies. So I do it my self. I do the whole shebang. Remove the polish. Soak in Epsom salt. Trim my nails as short as possible. Trim my cuticles. Buff the dead skin and calluses away. But I don't repolish. Just don't see the point.

My formally pretty feet are reduced to the mangled specimens you see below.

before the pedicure - long nails and calluses and all

my tools of choice

after the pedicure - not going to win any contests but they feel better

Hmm...I just realized running has changed how I feel about my feet. They are no longer accessories to make shoes look cuter. But as utilitarian parts of my body. They get me where I need to go. Like 13.1 miles. I wonder if that's how men always think about their feet.

And speaking of feet, last week I read about phantom foot pains during tapering on two separate blogs. This is a new one on me. Then yesterday the ball of my right foot started hurting. Like I stepped on a rock barefoot. I did wear heals yesterday but they were comfy boots not stilettos. Not like I did a lot of walking yesterday. So strange. Apparently, my feet a hypochondriacs. Phantom foot pains! How silly!


Shelley said...

Hypochondriac feel - LOL!

Glad that you are pampering those babies - after all, they are getting you where you want to go! And really? They're not that bad - I'd go get a pedicure after the race...I'm sure the nail people have seen a lot worse!

Laurin said...

Ha. That is a wonky toe! :) And, don't lie, you didn't forget that your feet do allow you wear cute shoes. I saw the ones you had no yesterday... ahhh... envy!

CMAC said...

ahhhh man! I have toelio too! Your pups don't look have bad! :)