Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Big Man

Today is my six year anniversary with the Big Man.When I think back on the day I got married, what strikes me the most is the fact that I wasn't nervous. By the time we got married, we had been dating for nearly 4 years. But I had known six months in to our relationship that we would get married.

Please excuse the following sentimentality. It is not in my nature to express my feelings, with the exception of anger. But occasionally, I should try.

Like most married couples, the Big Man is my best friend. He gets me. He just does. He understands my quirky sense of humor and can make me laugh like no one else. I feel calm and safe when I am with him. When he is not with me, things are a little less fun.

Of course, our relationship is not perfect. I'll take most of the blame for that. But we work thru the obstacles and come out of the other side stronger.

Tonight we are celebrating by playing tourist in the French Quarter. The Big Man and I going to all the fancy bars we never get to visit because we have kids. I'm looking forward to enjoying rare my alone time with my husband.


Steel Springs said...

Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful celebration.

Lori said...

Happy anniversary! I totally agree on how wonderful it is when your spouse is your best friend :D

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary Meg and Big Man!!!

P.S. You made me LOL with this: "It is not in my nature to express my feelings, with the exception of anger." Funny girl, you are! :)

Claudia said...

Happy Anniversary!! have a wonderful evening and enjoy your alone time!!

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary!
Enjoy some alone time! :)

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary!!