Friday, February 19, 2010


I am officially on taper. My  race is 9 days way. Wahoo!!!

Yesterday: I ran my last long-ish run until next Sunday.  I'm off all week because of a combo of Mardi Gras holidays and vacation days. Since the girls school was open, I decided to bring them to daycare so I could have a day to myself. Usually, I run in my neighborhood because  of time constraints. But since I had nothing but time, I went for a run on the Mississippi levee. I should've brought my camera. There's so much interesting to see. Next time. I'll leave it for a future blog.

The weather was perfect. The kind of early spring day that reminds you why we put up with the heat, humidity, and hurricanes. My plan was to run 7mi. I started running and did my usual hemming and hawing about being out there. Y'all know that story. "I'd rather be at home. I just want to go soak in a tub and reading."etc. But then I had a stern stalk with myself about giving my best, yada yada. . Everyone does this, right? Of course, I'm glad I did. That was some of the best running I've done in weeks.

Let me just preface this next part by saying, I am 12min mi. runner. I ran to the first processing plant, .9mi away.  Looked at my Garmin , under 11mins. Ooops. Supposed to be taking it easy. For the next 2.25mi., ran around 11:25min/mi. Ok. So much for slowing down. Like I said my original plan was to 7mi. but at about 3.1mi, I saw three shady looking guys lollygagging on the levee. All I could think was, why are these dudes not at work. I mean it's, 10AM on a Thursday. I decided to cut it short. I turned around and headed back to the car.

I was feeling so good, my legs, my hip, my lungs. The sun was at my back now. I decided to push it. See what I could do. Ran mi 4 at 10:45. Pushed harder ran mi 5 at 10:15. I was feeling it now. had to slow down to 10:25. Dang! That's fast. That was an amazing run. 

Today: I was supposed to get up and run on the mill before MM & Li woke up. But I didn't. I figured I'd see if I could run while they were awake. The toys and TV are in the next room over from the where the TV and toys are. I figured I could get about half an hour. Well, almost. MM came in the room and just watched me run for 5mins. I don't think 19 month-olds understand treadmills. Then Li came in the room. The girls played for a bit but got bored. I ended up banishing them to the TV room so I could finish up. They were getting too close to the mill for comfort. I ended up finishing my 2.25mi in 26min. Not too shabby.

All in all I'm please with the running I've done it the past few days.


Anonymous said...

OK so last Saturday I was running in Audubon Park. Today I'm sitting on my couch trying to motivate myself to put on the tights and warm clothes and ignore the snow and tell myself that 36 degrees isn't that bad. I'm not sure I'll succeed but reading about your great runs is motivating me to get off my butt. I've never run on the levee. Now I want to!

Melissa said...

Good job!!

Anne Marie said...

What race are you doing next weekend??

Megan said...

Thnx. I'm running the Rock & Roll Mard Gras half marathon

Denise said...

it sounds like you're ready and where you need to be for race day!! great job!

Laurin said...

Go megan!! Your fast... your a runner... go megan!

Laurin said...

ok, that was supposed to say: Go Megan!! you're fast... you're a runner. Go Megan!

I'm really not illiterate!