Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I ♥ Running Buddies

I have a habit of "making" people be my friend. Tyra, Ryan, Mel.  It's just what I do.

I've always been able to make friends pretty easily. I talk a lot. That seems to be the key to friend making. But since I'm a SLOW runner and kinda self-conscience about it, it's not been easy to find a running buddy.

Well, Team In Training has given me the opportunity to "make" a few new running friends.

Christy: She and I bonded while wrapping presents at Barnes & Nobles for a TNT fundraiser. We had lots of time to chat. Outside of not making very much money, we had fun. We've run a few times together. She lets me yammer on about my kids. And she tells me about her pugs.  I'm sure we talk about other stuff too, like Gu flavors and sports bras. But I can't remember. I've forgotten every time we've run to get a picture of her. What can I say. After 10-12miles of running, I'm just glad to have finished.

FYI...Christy has a Valentine Basket she is raffling off for TNT fundraising. The details are here in a previous post. Pls buy a few tickets.

Pam: I met Pam at one of the Group Training Sessions for Team In Training. She was running ahead of me for the first half of the run. But I noticed she stayed the same distance ahead of me.  I thought "Yea! If she hangs out at the water stop for a few mins. I can run with her on the way back. " She did and I did. It was nice to have someone to talk to. I was struggling that day. And like me she's a big talker.
I had planned to run with her at the GTS. Then "make" her be my friend but she beat me to the punch. She found me on facebook and she lives near me. Yea!

Last night, we got our first "run" in together.  I say "run" because Sunday was the Super Bowl and I was feeling the celebrating. (more to come on that). Eventhough, I was slower than usual and I had MM & Li in the jogging stroller we got in 5.5mi. Not too shabby for a weekday and being hungover.
I look drunk in this picture but Pam looks cute. Too bad it was dark. 
You can't see her red curly hair that seems to fit her personality so well.


Staci Dombroski said...

I love my running friends too!