Monday, June 28, 2010

Training Wk3

Last weeks training went well. Nothing super exciting to report really. My 4 miles on Friday was done on the treadmill. The bee lady was at our house. (We had a hive in our ceiling.) I should have run outside. By the time she was finished, it was 10AM and 92deg.  But four on the mill while watching an episode of Season 2 True Blood wasn't a bad way to spend time. In fact, I'm thinking of doing it this week. But I really should get outside. Part of my training is training in the heat/humidity.

This weeks plan:
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
06/20 06/2106/2206/2306/2406/2506/26
30min run
lift upper body
30min runeasy walk
lift upper body 


I realized last week I realized I hadn't added any cross training on my schedule. I was doing it. Just forgot to post it. We didn't have any thing plan for Saturday morning. I got to spend an hour by myself on the bike just riding. I had the best time.

What's on tap for your week? What's your favorite activity you have planned for this week?


Emz said...

I tried watching true blood last night . . . can't get into it?! Am I doing something wrong? ;)

This week . . . taper/schmaper uggg. Marathon in portland on 7/4. YAY!!

Sunflower Kisses said...

I think it should be the RnR New Orleans. Is that the one in February? I'm gonna go ask my friends if that's the exact one. I would LOVE to meet up before the run. :) I'm excited already.

Shelley said...

Your plan looks so nice! I may have to steal it from you, lol. I ran 3.25 miles on Sunday and am hoping to get in another long run tomorrow... we'll see how I do in the heat and humidity!

Melissa said...

I got 10 miles in last week and I'm shooting for that again this week.

Katye said...

awesome job! oh true blood. I watched both season 1 and 2 in like a week last year. it was bad i like didnt leave the house

Judi said...

Your week went well! Good for you! I have never liked tread mills but when the weather is hot and humid I find myself wishing I had one!

As for this week? Looking forward to seeing my extended family!!!!