Monday, June 21, 2010

Training Wk2

I love that I'm back in training. I feel more grounded. There's a plan for my (fitness) life.  I am best I have a solid goal to meet. Now thru next March I will running with a goal.

Last week went well. My legs feel fine after a run. My lungs felt like I hadn't taken a break. The only trouble is my belly. Re-training my stomach to handle Gu hasn't been fun. Staying near a potty and hydrating well are necessities right now. But y'all know all about that I'm sure.

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
06/20 06/2106/2206/2306/2406/2506/26
30min runoff30min runeasy walkoff4mioff

I really am enjoying this plan. I love the idea of an easy walk day instead of another run. During the week I get up at 3:45AM to run. Two days in a row is really tough. But an easy walk I can do at lunch.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of looking ahead at the next few weeks in my training pan. For what ever reason, I panicked at the idea of running 6.5mi in a few weeks. What a silly rxn?! I've run/trained for 3 half marathons. Which means, I've run 6mi or more at least 20 times. I know I can do it. In fact, I know that if I had to run a half this weekend, I could do it. It wouldn't be fun but I could do it.

What's on tap for your week?Do you ever panic about something you now rationally you can do?


Melissa said...

What plan are you using. I'm looking to start one soon.

Tricia said...

cover all the future days up and just take it one day at a time :)

Lori said...

Don't look ahead, just do the present. I get panicky when I think about stuff that I haven't trained for yet - so I try not to think about it LOL!

Sunflower Kisses said...

Megan, please send me your red sauce recipe. :)
My email is


Shelley said...

Oh yeah, looking ahead at the half marathon training schedule makes me sick and doubt myself. I'm trying not to do that, but it sounds like I'm not alone, lol!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

you run at 3:45am. good grief! that's pretty cool.