Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's in my Fridge?

Emz over at If I can't convince you - - I'll at least confuse you. Thought it would be fun share what's in our fridges.

The outside of my messy fridge. I love magnets. I like when people bring them from trips. The Big Man and Don used to travel for work so I have a ton. We have magnets from Buffalo, NY to Honduras. The other side has double the number of magnets as the front. And of course, my girls love to display the art they create.

My fridge full as usual. We cook 90% or more of our meals at home. The rules are no cleaning or tiding prior to picture taking. As you can tell, I didn't. I hate cleaning the fridge. Really, hate it.
It's hard to tell in this pic but my freeze is only half full. Usually, it's packed to bursting which I hate. But that's what Cajuns do. We fill up our fridge freezers and our deep freezes. Usually, with meat or cooked meals. When a hurricane knocks out the power, we lose lots of money in meat.

My fridge door. Wow. That's a lot of condiments. What can I say?! The Big Man like sauces/condiments. See that bottle of Champagne. That's been in my fridge since I  got married. My friend Travy and his wife gave it to us on our wedding day. Nearly six years ago. I gotta get to drinking it. Why is there spray whip cream in my fridge? I hate that crap. Hmm...Why is there so much crap in my freezer door. I need to reorganize.

A few questions about our fridge life:
*A few things you like in there -  
The big bottle of lemon juice.  
The cheese in the drawer. 
The frozen manicotti.
*What you can't live without in it -  
The half and half. I can't live with out my morning coffee. 
The Greek yogurt. The girls love it. And we make a lot of stuff with it. 
The milk. My girls exclusively drink milk and water. 
*What you should live without that's in it currently -  
The mayo. I hate that crap. It's the Big Man's. 
The frozen waffles. I love love love them. But you know the syrup is loaded with sugar.
*What you wish was in it - 
Grapes and strawberries. I need to buy fresh fruit for this week.

This was fun. What's going on in your fridge/freezer?


Emz said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

You HAVE FOOD!!!!! Seems like most people just have condiments! ;)

You're awesome!!

*I'm with you on the MAYO thing.*

Shelley said...

You are funny with your Cajun-meat-freezer-hurricane comment...so true, though!

Sunflower Kisses said...

Love this post. My bf's friend came over to our place one day to visit, opened the fridge and asked, "Is that all you have? Condiments?" We have at least 5 different bottles of mustard. My fridge is always full of meat too.
And actually, today's "big chore" is to clean out the fridge.
We have a fridge by itself and a standing freezer in the kitchen and those deep freezer thing where you opened the top to dump meat into in the furnace room.

Amanda said...

Fun post, go drink your champagne!:)