Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend Activities (Better Late Than Never) & 3 Change Challenge

I meant to do this post Monday but as usual I got busy. But like I said better late than I never...

Weekend In Review
This past weekend I didn't do a lot of scheduled exercise but we certainly were active.

Friday, I ran a few miles in the morning. Then in the afternoon I loaded the girls in the trailer and we peddled off to the library.  All I could think was "Wow, I'm a dork. I've got my helmet on, pulling my girls on a bike, to the library." But I got some good cross training in and a trip to the library.

Saturday was the City Park Botanical Garden Plant Sale. The girls and I gave the Big Man some time to himself. We loaded into the truck and headed to the park.My mom, dad, Ted and Diane met us. The weather was gorgeous. We spent 4hours walking around, buying plants. I had to replace everything that died during the freeze this winter.

Some pictures from the day. Li making funny faces. Not meaning to, but as my mom says, it's the only face she has.
MM with her fav servant, my Dad.

Sunday we took Li out to ride on her bike. The Big Man loaded his bike and Li's bike in the truck. With MM in the trailer, I rode over to the empty neighborhood next to ours. Poor MM, the whole ride over she kept asking "Where Sissy?Where Sissy?" Typical 2nd child. Idolizes and loves her sister. Li practiced her bike riding up, down and around the block. The coaster brakes were messing her up a bit but she's working on it. I let MM out of the trailer to run the streets.  MM refused to ride home with me. So pulled Li back home.

3 Changes Challenge
Amanda at runtothefinish issued a challenge to her blog readers to make 3 changes in your life in the next 30days. Bust thru a plateau. Shake things up. Change is hard for me. Really hard. But since I started my birthday challenge at the beginning of the month, I figured I would incorporate this.

My 3 Changes
1. Add more core/ab work (at least 3x a week) to my routine.
2. No cursing. I've been working on this one already but I'm not 100%
3. Clean out and organize my spare room/closet. This is very embarrassing. I'm not an overly messy person. But I've been ignoring this room for along time. I plan to take before and after pictures then blog about it.

Anyone can join. And we all need to make some sort of change in our lives. Stop on over to runtothefinish and participate. At least 1 random winner will be drawn to win prizes worth over $200.


Tricia said...

looks like a great weekend!

Judi said...

Kids just love to get out and be active don't they?

Melissa said...

FUN!! I love that you get out on the bike with the kids. I want one of those bike trailers for Little Girl. I need to do some research!

Shelley said...

Your daughter is so cute with her elbow and knee pads - my son did that same thing when he was learning how to ride his bike...they are so smart!

Pam said...

so I like the visual of you with the helmet on the bike peddaling to the Lakewood librairy ... so I'm just SAYn'!!
luv ya!!

Kerrie T. said...

Oh, the dreaded spare room closet! Ours is horrible. You are very brave.

As always, great pictures!

Staci Dombroski said...

Have a great weekend! I loved all the pictures :)

Staci Dombroski said...

Have a great weekend! I loved all the pictures :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

great challenges for yourself!! not cussing was a big one for me last month