Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Challenge - Wk 1

My first week of my new goals did not go perfectly. Of course not, if it did, I would not need to set  up this self challenge.

Mind: No cursing. Almost did when I was nearly run off the road by a dump truck but didn't. WIN
Body: Did 50reps of different ab exercises. WIN
Diet: One left over birthday cupcake. That's it just one. WIN
Soul: Let my temper get the best of me this AM. Mornings are hard. I hate the hectic craziness. And fussy babies. And I lost control over something meaningless. FAIL. Double FAIL, in fact.

Mind: No cursing. WIN
Body: Did 30reps of different arm exercises. And a jog with the girls in the double stroller. WIN
Diet: One teatime snack. WIN
Soul: Let my temper get the best of me AGAIN, this morning. My oldest is as strong willed as I am. We butt heads a lot. FAIL.

Mind: Said the "S" word. No real reason for it either.  FAIL
Body: Nothing. Nada. FAIL
Diet: We had a customers in from out of town. Took a late lunch in the Quarter. Three beers with lunch and other junk. FAIL
Soul: Kept my temper all day. WIN

Mind: Dropped the F-Bomb while talking to my sister. FAIL
Body: Nothing no exercising at all. FAIL
Diet: Glass of wine and a cupcake. FAIL
Soul: Another day without hollering. Still take effort though. FAIL.

Mind: No cursing. WIN
Body: Four plus hours of gardening then lot of other indoor cleaning. I was sore the next morning. I'm calling this one. WIN
Diet: Glass of wine only. WIN
Soul: Didn't raise my voice but once. WIN

Mind: Think I may have cursed but cant remember. FAIL?
Body: More cleaning but not vigorous. FAIL
Diet: Glass of wine and cupcake ad a beer. FAIL
Soul: I notice it's getting easier to keep my temper. WIN

Mind: Said GD in conversation. This is what I am trying to get rid of. FAIL
Body: No time. Too busy. FAIL
Diet: Beer, Reese's eggs, Doberge cake, and other assorted cake. I ate so much my belly hurt. It still hurt this morning. FAIL. Double FAIL.
Soul: I did have to fuss at my girls but normal mom stuff. WIN

So to sum up this week, I am happy with my Mind (cursing) and Soul (temper) progress. It's getting easier if I'm conscience of what I'm doing. Body and Diet did not go well. I was lazy.

This week I'm kicking my own butt into gear and getting better about exercising and eating well.


Judi said...

Being aware is the first step of change and progress right? Keep up the hard work!

Jill said...

Oh my, that was just hysterical to read. Guess you had a bad Thursday, huh!??! I love how you put youself out there and make youself honest! You are awesome!!! I hate so much on Friday I was so sick...I had to post a note on my mirror so I'd see it every morning: I will not eat crap until after Boston!! Haha. Hang in there, girl - you ARE doing it!

Kerrie T. said...

I love this! Such a fun way of updating us on your goals (which I think are pretty great).

PS: Thanks for your comment today. I will check out the RW article. I think I found a solution to my problem. Less running, more fun! LOL! Not sure how it'll work out for the marathon, but we shall see.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Girl, just have to say a glass of wine and cupcake each nite is fine. really. I do it nightly. just balance it out with some 20-30 min cardio exercise. that's my motto at least;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing great! And on Easter? I think EVERYONE has too many treats. Including kids...which leads to issues involving the temper! Overall a win for the week!