Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day Virtual 10K Race Results

Thanks to everyone who played along. I had a lot of fun. And it was nice to have support between races. I'm already thinking of prize for the next virtual race. I may stick with duckies because they crack me up.

I ran a nice easy10k on the Mississippi River levee on a gorgeous spring  day.
Distance: 10K Time:1:20:38
Hahahaha...This is not how I ran my race but it would have been funny if I did.
Actually, this outfit is a tribute to my dad who wears head to toe green for 
St. Patrick's Day no matter how many time we tell him that just one piece would suffice.

She walked a 5k with her husband, Dan, pushing their baby, Jack, and their sweet dog, Kaylee. That's multi tasking. Christy and Dan used to work with me but they moved back North to be near home and start a family. I'm so glad they decided to participate in my race!
Distance:5K Time:0:51:44

She and her friend, Kerri, ran their first 5k with Kerris' son, Aanon. How exciting!  I'm sure now they've caught the racing bug too.
Kerri: Distance: 5K Time: 0:32:42
Stephanie: Distance: 5K Time: 0:30:30

Ran her 10k in the rain, wind and cold. You're tougher than me. :) She didn't take a pic because is was just to yuck outside. But she still put up a time to be proud of. Hopefully, spring will make it her way soon.
Distance: 10k Time:1:00:14

Ran her first 10k. Her LittleMan ran the 1mile too and LittleGirl ran the stick horse race. Everyone will be getting a duckie. I love that they were active as a family.
Distance: 10K Time:1:04:00

Ran the Kelly's Shamrock 5k and then ran an additional 5k. That's dedication plus the out fit is too cute.
Distance: 10k Time: 0:58:32

I love that she's smiling so big even after a run.
Distance: 6.4mi Time:1:10mins

She ran this race pushing her two kiddos in a stroller. That's a time to be proud of even without the kiddos.
Distance:10K Time: 1:02:08

Found time to run during nap time. Time management. That's what being a mom teaches you. Plus, I'm super impressed she got all four girls to nap at the same time.
Distance:10K Time:1:13:36

Ran her 10k shaving 4mins off her previous PR! Unfortunatly, there's no pic because she couldn't find her camera battery and the cell phone pic attempt was "horrendous"!
Distance: 10k Time: 1:06:21

Ran her first 10k! Great job! And in the cold with snow on the ground too!
Distance: 10K  Time: 1:17.36

Congratulations to all the participants! So many people running their first race or a new distance. It's always so exciting. Since I'm a numbers dork, here's the break down. 

  • Number of participants (including me): 12

  • The average speed: 1:10:03

  • The speediest: Kayte

  • The tortisine: Christy & Dan

  • The mean: Nikki
Everybody gets wins a little Duck of the Irish but two lucky winners win Green Tiara Bondi Bands.
The lucky winners are....
Christy and Darlene. I'll be sending out your Bondi Bands with your ducks.

If you participate in  the virtual 10k but haven't sent me your race times yet, I'll gladly update this post and send out your duckie.


Melissa said...

Thanks for hosting this! I really wouldn't have done the 10K had it not been for your virtual race. THANK YOU!

Christina A-BEAR said...

Congrats ladies , ya'll did awesome!! Sorry I didnt get my run in! Next time! Thanks for being awesome and setting this up!

Lori said...

This was fun. I am the only one who didn't wear green!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats to everyone who participated! And Lori, at least you took a picture! ;)
Meg, don't you mean the duckies "quack" you up? (I know...I'm a dork)

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

so cute! and dang, i forgot to send in a pic to well...
now, i think you should go check out my blog...just sayin...;-)

EricaH said...

Thanks for hosting and love the way you set up the results. :) and I noticed you were the winner of the goals for the week Athleta giveaway congratulations!!!

ajh said...

That was fun. Thanks for doing it!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Ahhh what a great outfit!!! You organized a super race!

Staci Dombroski said...

It looks like you did a great job hosting! I loved to see all the race reports :-)

Christy said...

Thanks again for hosting, Megan! Also - I LOVE your outfit. :)