Monday, March 29, 2010

4wk Birthday Challenge

At the beginning of this year, I decided to share a few New Years Resolutions with my bloggy friends. I feel like I'm making great progress on a few. But I need to push myself harder on others. I figure if I have a defined plan and report on them weekly, my goals will be in the forefront of my mind. I borrowed this idea from Amanda at runtothefinish. Every 30 days she starts a new challenge with herself. 

Here are my goals for the next few weeks:
Mind: Stop cursing - When I had Li, I dropped most of my vulgar words. But GD and others still creep out of my mouth. I, mean really, I'm a lady and shouldn't be cursing like a sailor.

Body: Arms & Abs - The last few months I've been so focused on my half-marathon training. I haven't been lifting as much as I should. And I've never liked ab work. Usually, I avoid it like the plague. But a weak core is a hindrance for running.

Diet: Limit myself to one treat a day - This may sound kind of lame. Why not give junk up completely? I know how I am, cold turkey will not work for me. So, I still have weight to loose. And the only real way for me to do this to be more disciplined with my eating. That's it.

Soul: Work on Temper - This is the toughest one for me. I am the world's least patient person.When I get frustrated, I get angry. I do not want to holler as much as I do. I want my home to be more calm & peaceful. The plan is to try to not loose my mind over the small things.

Check back in weekly and see my progress.

How are your goals for the year going?


Kerrie T. said...

Yeah, I gotta work on the cussing one, too. My 22-month-old's vocabulary has too many bad words in it. LOL! Great goals!

Croughwell said...

I need to limit my sweet intake too. :(

Lauren said...

Whoo those would be tough goals for me too!

Robin said...

Cold turkey doesn't work for me either... I like treats!! I reached my half marathon goal (to complete one in 2010), but really want to drop wt a little - not quite there yet!

Hope you're having a great birthday week! Check out your Wednesday Winners feature on the Turtles blog today... Happy Birthday from the Turtle Runner!

HUGS from Orlando...

Kathy said...

Sounds like good goals. I definitely need to do more ab work too! It was great to meet you today on Robin's blog!

Judi said...

Enjoyed "meeting" you on Robin's blog!

Happy running!

Stacey K said...

I always do my resolutions on my birthday because that's my new year.

cold turkey does NOT work for me. Knowing I can't have it makes me want it soooooooooo much more.