Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock & Roll Mardi Gras Marathon Race Report

I've been dragging my feet, not writing this post. Seriously, I've come to this post 4x without writing a thing. The race didn't go as I had hoped. I was so excited about it and the disappointment has gotten the better of me. My time was 10mins slower than my previous half and about 20mins slower than I should've been.

The only thing that I can put my finger on as the cause was I was tired. We didn't get much sleep the night before. Nanny Goat and I got a hotel in the French Quarter (near the start line) the night before. This was a bad idea. Drunken fools hollered all night walking past our hotel. There was a lull from 2AM-3:30AM.  Literally, slept an hour. I could feel how tired I was the whole race. Oh well. I can't change anything. Ok. Enough whining. I'm done with disappointment.

Nanny Goat and I met up with the team in training people at 5AM to second line over to the start line which was about 1.5mi away.  The race didn't start until 7AM. Needless to say we had a lot of time checking gear, waiting in the cold, using the port-a-pottys, and trying not to think about the race.  I drank a litter of water. We had time to take cute pre-race photos.
Dana, Pam, Jennifer, Me, Nanny Goat, Christy, other Megan

When it was time, we headed over to the corrals. I had to say bye to Nanny Goat since she was in corral 4 and I was in 18. And other Megan was in corral 16 so we wished her luck and sent her off. But the rest of us are similarly tortoisine so we got in corral 22. (Christy had no idea what her finish time might be when she signed up. ) Because of the wave starts, it  was 7:45AM before we crossed the start line. I understand why they do this. But it really messes with the race anxiety.  But finally, we were off and running.

I'm sure my Garmin can tell me my splits. But I've never figured it out. So this is what I remember.... The first few miles we steadily passing people. Just running, watching the bands as we passed. Every few miles of the course, there were Mardi Gras floats and statues you could take you picture with. I didn't because I have tons of pictures of floats.
At mile 3-4, I realized I had drank an entire bottle of water already. Uh oh. I'm going to have to pee at some point. Usually, that this point, I find my rhythm and feel like I could run forever. But I didn't that day. Then at the half way point, I checked my GPS, 1:30ish. Dang! I should be WAY faster than that. Mile 8-9, I thought "Why do I do this to myself? I could be chillaxin at home" more than once and I had drank another bottle and still didn't need to pee. Then at 10mi, I told myself it's just a 5k. It's a comforting thought. So I ran the last 3mi slowly and drank most of another bottle.  And I didn't have to pee until got home at noon. That's 4.5hrs and approx 2 litters of water without peeing. Apparently, I was a camel that day.

My finish time was 2:57:38 (I think). Not stellar. But waiting at the finish line was my family.

It was so nice to see my girls, my mom & dad, and the Big Man. Cheering me one to the finish line.

Here are a few pictures:
Me about to cross the finish line

I like this one. Think it makes me look fast.

After with my girls, Li & MM

The whole family

Look at all the crap on my wrists.
This makes me realize how far I've come with my running.
Not long ago this would a have driven me insane. But now, not much bothers me. 

Nanny Goat & I 
The Big Man, MM, Li, Pam and other Megan at the TNT Victory Party after the race.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! And this line: "Apparently, I was a camel that day." Cracked me up. I think sometimes it's just not your race day for any number of unknown reasons. But hey! You did another half marathon and that's WAY more than most of the world can say!

Melissa said...

Great pics!!!
You finished and that in itself is AWESOME! :)


Staci Dombroski said...

I am so proud of you!!! It is great that you finished. It looks like it was a fun race!!!

ajh said...

Congratulations on finishing. How wonderful to have so many people waiting for you at the finish. I was disappointed with my last marathon and tried to tell myself not to be but several months later I still am. Just got to do another!

Sunflower Kisses said...

Congrats on finishing a half marathon. It is an accomplishment on its own.
Now you gotto sign up for another and correct all the wrongs. :)
Your family are so cool for being there at the finish line.

Anne Marie said...

Nice job on the half. love that your whole family was there at the finish line. That is very special;-O
and good luck at the athleta giveaway;-)

Robin said...

Hey Meg! Congrats on finishing your second accomplishment in itself, lady! Sounds like this was one of those 'experience' days, which in my book, while maybe disappointing, usually has the BEST lessons when looking back. You look strong, in spite of feeling tired, and sub 3:00. I think that's pretty awesome! The pictures are great... thanks for sharing with us! Oh, and I love the word "tortoisine" - so fitting for lots of us!
HUGS from Orlando....

Karen said...

Awww...I didn't think about it until I saw the pictures that "Fred" got to do a half marathon! Very cool - - -And...I'm super proud of you for being so dedicated to running!!! Running a 1/2 is no easy task! Way to go!!!!

Megan said...

Thanks y'all. I appreciate the support.

I love my GPS. He's run two so far. Plenty more to come. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! Honestly one of my favorite things about doing TNT races in when I get mad about being slow or things not going my way I remember why I'm doing it and think to myself "so many people would do anything to be able to be running my pace and racing this race under the worst conditions!" and it gets me through with a smile on my face. You did some incredible things!