Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad Bad Mom

Pls let me preface this story with this... MM has always thought that play bitting is funny. Nothing sets her off like pretending you are going to bite her belly. That being said, I do not excuse my bad judgement.

Friday, Corey and I dropped the girls at  my mom's house so we couldhave a rare date night. As usuall, we were being silly in the truck. By the time we pulled into the drive way, I told Li (jokingly) to bite MM's foot. She did bite her hard. Really hard. Poor MM was so shocked it took her a second to cry. And Li was so shocked when we fussed at her. After all, I told her to bite her sister. Of course, I felt guilty. I still feel guiltly.

Oh well. No real damage done. But I learned a valuable lesson