Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NOLA Turkey Day Race 2009

Thursday morning, I woke the family up early, dressed everyone warmly, and headed off to get Nanny Goat (my sister).  I thought it would be fun if we all ran the Turkey Day Race.  By fun,  I meant we could all burn some calories before we pigged out. 

The Big Man agreed to push the girls in the jogging stroller in the 1mi race. Nanny Goat & I  could run the 5mi race at full speed.  By that I mean, Nanny Goat could run her pace and I could run mine. She's too fast for me to keep up.  But I'm happy with my finish time 59:56.

Since Li always wants to race like mommy, The Big Man got her out of the stroller to run the last 100m.  They gave her a ribbon at the finish line. She is so proud of the ribbon. She has told everyone about it.

Now for the race day photos:

Li and her ribbon

 MM showing off her running skills

Me almost to the finish line. I have got to work on keeping my head up. 

The Big Man with his running buddies

MM, Me, Nanny Goat and Li
Look at the difference in Nanny Goat & my running outfits. She's in tights, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. I'm shorts and a technical tee. She likes to be hot when she runs and I hate to run in clothes. 

We had fun and it was nice to get some miles in. But I doubt we'll do it next year. It just made the day too hectic. 


RunToTheFinish said...

awww that looks like a wonderful day for the whole family!!

Staci Dombroski said...

Congratulations on the race! It looks like it was great family tome!