Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running in the Cold

I've been meaning to blog since Friday. But my whole family has been sick. I mean really sick, for days.  Anyway...

Compression Tights Review 

Since I don't work Friday's, I usually do my long runs after I bring the girls to school. Well, all last week the weather man kept predicting snow on Friday. Snow! In New Orleans! In a previous post I mentioned how I like to wear as little as possible when I run. Because of that I didn't have any cold weather running gear and I was starting to get a little worried. Thursday, I drug a sick kid to the sporting goods store and bought compression tights, running gloves, and a headband/ear-cover.  I tried on every brand of tights the store had. I settled on the Reebok Cold Compression Tights.  

They felt the most comfortable and supportive in the store. The waistband is wide and doesn't cut in and the elastic around the ankles wasn't too tight. You can't really know how they're going to feel until you run in them.  The tights have a  little pocket in the back. I found it a little too small. But my fuel of choice is bigger than a pack of GU, which would fit nicely.  Plus, I wear a medium in these tights, which is nice. Believe me, I am not a medium.

Friday morning,  I got dressed in my tights and headed out for my run.  The tights were great. I forgot I was wearing them, which is ideal. The headband was a little tight and smooshed the earbuds into my ears. Granted, I have a big ole noggin. But if you have a suggestion for a more comfortable  headband, I'd appreciate the heads up.