Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lazy Lazy Lazy

As you've probably noticed (i.e. no blog posts), I haven't been doing much running lately. Actually, I haven't run at all, in 18 days. No biking either. Nothing. I have been a sloth the last few weeks. Well, it real has been strategic slothery. But slothery none the less.

My ITband has been bothering me since March. I ran easy in March and part of April to let it heal. Wrapped and iced after every run. Still hurt. In fact, it was starting to hurt more. My last run hurt so much I couldn't run the whole 5mi. And it H.U.R.T. when my 2yr old hugged my thigh. This scared me. I tried cycling to maintain fitness but that seemed to stress it too. So I decided to really rest.

After two weeks of no running and no biking, it still ached.  I figured it's time for professional help. Finally, I made an appointment with a physical therapist. My first session was this morning.  Not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. My lovely therapist, Mary, evaluated me. The good news: It's likely there's nothing severely hurt. Just inflamed. My hip. My knee. My hammy. Just stressed. We did some stretches and she gave me some homework. Mary does think I'll benefit from a localized steroid.  I'm currently rocking a flesh colored 6" patch on hip. (Normally this is where I'd insert a pic. But I am not showing the whole blogging world my ultra-white, flabby hip. ) 

I forgot to ask when I could start running again. How silly of me. I'm going back next week for more sessions. I think I'll rest more and ask her next Tuesday. This is where you call names like lazy and sloth and other mean things.

Like anyone who has lost weight, I'm freaked out about gaining it back.
not exercising = not burning calories = gaining weight
But I forgot one thing. Watch what you eat, silly. I'm down 3lbs. Don't congratulate me too much on that. I gained those three pounds in Jan/Feb when my half marathon training was hot & heavy. I'm hungry all the time when I run and I don't always make good choices.  Gotta work on that.

On a related side note...Because I am not running, I have no stress/anxiety relief.  I've noticed I'm extra cranky.  This is never good. I'm sure it is tough living in the house with me right now.  The other thing I do is random cleaning. The Big Man said I have cleaning ADD. I have been scrubbing the grout in between my floor tiles. It's not like anyone will notice the difference between dark brown and light brown grout. This is this kind of this I would do in college instead to procrastinate studying for finals.

Wow, this is a wordy post for me.


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

what about weight lifting upper body right now? Or stretching/yoga?

Shelley said...

I get super hungry when I run, too - glad to see I'm not alone in that. Sounds like rest is what you need, but boy do I understand the fear of gaining the weight back. You won't. You are too aware of what you are doing now. I like Amanda's suggestion - work on those guns while you rest the lower body! I did "prison curls" yesterday with a 15 lb. dumb bell and felt like a total bada$$ - join me!

Hope the visits with the PT get you fixed up soon!

Lori said...

With IT band - rest is what you need, and probably for longer than you want.

When I herniated my disk - I was totally terrified I was going to wake up 100 pounds heavier, so I totally understand what you feel.

I also lost weight during this last month. Sometimes the answer to weight loss isn't more exercise, but less. Go figure....

Do you have a foam roller? That can be a great thing for the IT band.

Lauren said...

****hugs***** IT band issues are sooo frustrating!!! You did a good thing by resting, dont' regret it or feel lazy. You had to!

As far as the ADD cleaning thing, I feel ya on that too! Yay for weird posts!

Jill said...

I gained 8 (EIGHT for heaven's sake!) lbs in the two weeks of Boston taper and the two weeks I've been home...so I'm WAY up right now...ugh. I really eat more when I'm not running, boredom or whatever. Hope your IT is only infammed as she said and you're back on the road soon!!

Teamarcia said...

Ugh another ornery IT. BTDT. Not fun. Does your gym have that contraption you peddle with your arms?

Steel Springs said...

How frustrating! It's probably good that you're resting that ITB. Hopefully the PT will be the extra bit that will get you feeling great in no time.

Staci Dombroski said...

You and I are in the same boat! I go to my doctor today to see how much longer I need to rest! It is driving me crazy :(

Anonymous said...

Sometimes your body just needs to rest to heal. Easier said than done, though! I second the foam roller suggestion. Hurts like hell, but it's effective! Good luck!

Melissa said...

You poor thing!!
When you get done at your house, drive a few hours north and I'll make you a sugar free margarita and commisserate with you while you clean.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

oy! i say treat yourself to a walk, yoga, or run;-)

and the weight thing is all ebbs and flows...;-)

kilax said...

I am happy you saw the PT and she is going to help you out! Running injuries are scary, especially the ones that linger.

Ugh. My hunger shoots THROUGH THE ROOF when I am training and I have the "I can eat what I want - I'm a runner" mentality! Bad one to have.

I hate that not running means lack of stress relief. Hopefully the PT will tell you that you can start a light jog next week!

Sunflower Kisses said...

I scrub grout when I don't want to study when I was in college too!
Anyway, it is Sunday, and what's cooking?