Sunday, March 1, 2009

Race Season

Spring is nearly here. And in NOLA that means race season. This morning I ran the Elmwood Classic 5K. My friend Zack ran the 5K, as well.

Yesterday, a front moved in and the weather went from high of mid-70s to 35 degrees
this morning. And it was windy. I hadn't really prepared for the cold. I put the race shirt over my running jacket and had to wear my weight lifting gloves to run in. As I write this 2hrs after completing the race, I still haven't warmed up yet.

We ran the first part of the race against a head wind. It was sooo hard to breathe I didn't think I could finish. But as soon as the course turned, the wind was against our backs. We had to fight the head wind for the last section of the race but it was only 1/4 mi. Plus, I can push through anything if I can see the end. I finished with my best time yet, shaved a minute off my last race time. Zack and I didn't stick around to enjoy the after party. You know it's cold if I pass up free MGD and food.

Zack and I after the race

Up coming races:
  • March 7th - Run on the Bayou - this race is through the the Bayou Segenette State Park
  • April 4th - Mississippi Bridge Run - I'm excited about this one. Its just up the road from my house. And it's going to be tough. This is also Corey's Birthday.


scott said...

i went running yesterday before the front moved through, and it was still windy. i had to run the 2nd half of my run in a head wind. it was so not fun. i can't imagine the wind being cold like it was today. congrats on your new best time!

i am thinking that bridge run is a good possibility for me.

Melanie said...

I've got one word for! I can't believe you are doing all those races. I need to get off my big butt & join you! One of these days....