Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

Certainly no silver bells nor cockle shells for us. The past few weekends we've been working in the yard, getting our garden ready for Easter. I've been learning to garden since we bought our house. And despite my inherent black thumb, I've successfully grown many plants.

But this year, I decide to try vegetable gardening. Li loves tomatoes. So I put in four tomato plants, two cucumber, two yellow squash, and two eggplants. I also move my bell pepper, tabasco, and other pepper plants to this garden. We are also growing rosemary. And I'm happy to say my satsuma trees are flowering for the first time since we put them in the ground three years ago.

Hopefully, we'll have a nice crop of late spring veggies. When these plants are finished, I'll grow MM's favorite food, sweet potatoes

tomato and eggplant

One satsuma tree and rosemary
My day lilies look a little sad but they'll perk up

Peppers and cucumber

Li is very proud of her garden
We're teaching her to grow her own food like all good Cajun girls should


scott said...

that is awesome! my grandfather used to grow all kinds of stuff. i thought it was cool to make a salad from ingredients you grew yourself.