Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Race Day Checklist - Triathalon Edition

For those of you who know me IRL, you know I like a spreadsheet. I use them not only to track important information, like work stuffs and Christmas presents but also to help with anxiety. How does a spreadsheet keep anxiety at bay, you may ask. Well, if I have everything in order on race day, I won't be worried I've forgotten something. Race Day nerves are much less. This is where a spreadsheet comes in handy, in the form of a race day checklist.

I have one for half marathons that I've used multiple times and never fails me. Now, that I am dabbling in triathlons of course I need one tailored for triathlons.

And now that I am 4 days out form the Tarpon Tri, I need to start packing and planning.
With the help of my darling coaches and the internet this is what I have come up with:
Swim Cap

Timing Chip

Swim, Bike, Run shorts
Flip Flops

Tire Pump (leave in car)

Spare Tube,
CO2 (2), co2 tool

Tire tool,

Spare water bottle for bike

Bike Shoes

GU (3)
Make sure bike is in the correct gear


Inflate Tires before going to transition area morning of race

Running Shoes
# Belt with # attached

Water bottle
Running Hat

GU (3)

Additional Items:
32oz. Gatorade
Lens Cleaner

32oz. Water

Change of Clothes

Comfy Sandals


Food & Drink
Chairs from Kayaks

Spare Contacts
Prescription Glasses

Lip Balm
Eye Drops

Small ice chest
Safety pins

A few other tips I was given:
Things to do the day before:
Packet pickup,
Remember your chip
Eat on schedule
Survey course and transition area

The Morning of
Survey the transition area, swim in, bike out, bike in and run out.
Do a quick bike mount where the bike mount area is.

If there is anything you can think of that I have left off, please let me know.

By the way, if you were wondering why I posted my list, because I lost the one I had for IronGirl and had to make this one from scratch.


Lori said...

Sunscreen. Waterproof so you can put it on before the swim. And lots of it.

Also, make a postit note to put on your running shoes that says "take helmet off". There is always someone running with a helmet, don't let it be you LOL!

Jess A @cajunrunnerjess said...

OH MY GOSH! We are the same with out love for spreadsheets!!!! I love making spreadsheets....LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Haha!