Friday, August 12, 2011

Epic Brownie Fail

Why oh why can't I make brownies from scratch? I can whip up a batch of cookies like it's no bodies business. Pecan pies with homemade bourbon spiked whip cream are my specialty. But brownies allude me.

When I decide to make a new dish/dessert, I try to choose a recipe from a trusted source. My standard go to sources are a few trusted cookbooks or someone's grandmother's recipe. (Not sure why I think someone's grandmother's recipe is better than a newer one. Neither of my grandmothers could cook worth a dang.)

The brownie recipe I attempted came from the Silver Palate Cookbook. According to a story I heard on NPR, the Silver Palate is/was a neighborhood gourmet shop in New York city that was renowned for its creative but accessible food. The cookbook became popular in the 70's. I bought a copy used. Their banana bread recipe is perfect and I have yet to be disappointed by any recipe I tried from the book. Until last night.

Unlike my usual habit of winging it, I actually followed the recipe to a tee. I even measure out the ingredients, which I rarely do. But no good.

The brownies never set up. I baked them for the recommended time. Then 10mins more. Then 7 mines more. And left them overnight and my poor brownies just didn't harden.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you test recipes before you decide to bake them for gifts or a work party the next day. All I can say is, whomp whomp.