Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today, I start the 10 day sugar-free challenge with RuntotheFinish and 60 other crazies. Added sugar that is, not all sugar. Fruit is such a huge part of my diet I'd never be able to quit. (Really, I could be 100% sugar free but I'd hate it. Who wants to live there life denying themselves all the time.) Since I started watching my weight, I don't really eat a ton of sugar anyway. This challenge won't be nearly as hard as it would have been in college when I drank full calorie cokes and ate out often.

While it will be easier, this challenge will not be a cake walk. I do have daily habits that will be a struggle. My morning coffee with milk and splenda might be my favorite part of the day. The splenda will go for a bit since fake sugars are out in this challenge as well. After I exercise or before a long run, I eat half a peanut butter sandwich. And GU will have to go too. Obviously, there is added sugar in PB but there is also sugar added to bread. Nothing make me as self-conscious as thinking I have bad breath. There's a constant stream gum and breath mints in my mouth after meals. Second breakfast will no longer be cheese & crackers or hummus & pita. And I will forgo my after dinner piece of chocolate.

But I have a plan to make it thru:

morning pb sandwich hardboiled eggs2
GU not sure yet
breath mints mouthwash/green tea/water
snack time veggie chips
café au lait with splenda black coffee or with milk only
after dinner chocolate nothing

The whole goal of this experiment is to rid oneself of the desire for sugar. A side benefit for me, hopefully, it will be easier to stay on my diet since most of the foods I am avoiding are high in calories. I haven't figured out what to do about mid-run fuel. Normally, I grab a GU & go. More research needed.
I'll let you know how I do in the end.


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

how are you doing so far?? I have to admit that there is sugar in a whole lot more food than I realized!