Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gonna Tri

Am I seriuosly doing this? Guess I am. I signed up for the Iron Girl New Orleans Triathalon for this Sunday.

Not sure what I was thinking when I signed up. Actually, I know what I was thinking. I’ve wanted to do a tri for a while. The Iron Girl is a sprint tri, 1/4mi swim, 12mi bike, 3.1mi run. The bike and the run distances (and longer) I do multiple times a week. And we’ll chalk the swim up to being an over confident, pompous ass. Yep.

With two small girls and limitied pool access, I don’t really have time to train for the swim. But it’s only a 1/4mi and I’m strong. Or at least that’s what I thought until my first training swim. That swim did not go well. I struggled to get thru one length of the pool. After a few coaching session, my stroak is by no means perfect but it’s unlikely I’ll drown. My plan it to get in the back of my my wave and go slow. This will be an ugly, ugly swim but I’ll finish.

This will be my first time racing on my bike, Blue Betty. Because of my early morning training sessions, I rarely even ride near other people. I’m a little nervous of being close to other people on bikes. Again, I am no skilled cyclist. Oh, and I mount and dismount like an old lady. The running mount is way beyond my skill level. One day maybe, but first I need to work up the courage to get clipless pedals. Master that and I move on to more advanced stuff.

The run is the only thing I am not worried about. Who would have though that running would be my strong suit?! But it is. I may not be fast but I can do it forever, thru pain, with the wrong shoes and any other thing that can go wrong. I know that I will finish the run on my hands if need be. This is my comfort.

Hopefully, with smooth tranisitions and decent a decent bike and run I will put up a not too embarrising time. All I want is to finish. To finsih and get a medal.

Note: Due to the opening of the Mississippi River Spillway and the high winds we’ve been getting. There is a possiblity that the swim will get cancelled. The swim was cancelled for last weeks 5150. I will disapointed and relieved if the swim is cancelled. But mostly disapointed.


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