Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mardi Gras Marathon

No sleeping in for me this morning. I got up early to pick up Erin. We were headed out early to go run. We made our way down the Super Dome for the Mardi Gras half marathon/5k. The atmosphere of the morning was very Mardi Gras. A little chilly, excitment, and lots of people milling around.

Erin has been training for a half marathon in Miami
with our Aunt Carolyn. Part of her training Erin is running the Mardi Gras half Marathon. Carolyn is training for the Boston Marathon in April. So on top of the 13.1 miles she ran she ran an additional 3mi this morning. It's quite an accomplishment to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Erin and Carolyn ran the half marathon. I ran/walked the 5k. At this point in my training, 5k is my limit. I don't know how they do it.
Even though, I do 3+ mi on a regular basis my feet hurt and my right hip hurts. Maybe one day I'll decide to train for a half marathon. We'll see.

As always, I had a little bit of anxiety this morning. Erin assures me this is normal. But I had a good race. Rihanna
Good Girl Gone Bad kept me moving forward. As part of our race package, we got medals and race shirts. Nice! I'm super excited about the shirt. Way more useful than a cotton t-shirt.

Erin right before the finish line. She looks good. Not too tired.

Carolyn, Meg, and Erin after our race.


Karen said... I really feel out of touch--You ran the MGM and didn't tell me!!!!