Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lucky Girl

On a regular basis, I realize I'm lucky. Yesterday was one of those days.

MM was born 5 weeks too early. Corey and I were worried when they told us she had to be born that day. It wasn't time yet. We weren't ready.

When she was born, she only weighed 6lbs. I know 6lbs doesn't sound little but if you're used to 8, 9, 10lbs babies. Six pounds is very little. Right after she was born, they brought her upstairs to the NICU. But because of genetics and the grace of God, she stayed for a very short time.

The NICU at the hospital where she was born had a Christmas party for the babies who stayed with them in the past year. It was a nice event but it was also hard for me to be there. Some of the babies still had obvious health concerns. And one lady had five toddlers. I cannot imagine having five Lilly's.

All of the babies we're given name tags with their birth weight. I was one of the quintuplets name tag. He was 2lbs at birth. Two pounds. We had a hard time finding clothes that fit MM. And she barely fit in the car seat.

On the drive home, I was a little sad. Being around sick babies is upsetting. But it made me think how lucky I am. And, most importantly, I realized that the other mothers feel the same way. Babies, sick or not, are the best thing in the whole world.

MM and I did take our first Christmas photo together. Its not too bad of a pic, except my eyes are closed.