Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#SugarFreeChallenge Mid-point Update

Seven days down, no added sugar. More or less no sugar. I did have a few slip ups. Bleary-eyed one morning, I dumped Splenda in my coffee and drank half the cup before I realize. Then Friday I'm pretty sure the sauce on my eggplant wasn't challenge friendly. Ah well.

Overall, my ability to resist the sweet siren sugar is fine. But I never doubted that I could walk away for 10 days. Could I do it forever? Or a year? I don't know. The reason I'm unsure is at this point I still crave sugar. That's the point behind this challenge is to rid oneself of the desire/dependence on sugar. I'm not there yet. Maybe come Friday this sugar monkey will have loosened his grip on my back.

Come visit me in a few days and fond out if I made it.


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wow you are doing so great!! i admire that you can walk away so easily