Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girls Say, Girls Say...

I don't know why this is cracking me up so much. Yesterday, Li was telling me a story and she said "underpants." It's not like she heard it from us. In our girl dominated house, we call them panties or maybe undies. Underpants is just a funny word. It's what your grandma would say. I've been laughing about this to myself for a day.

For weeks, Corey has sworn that MM says "dada." I've heard her say it but it's just part of the general baby bable. But last night while Corey was fixing dinner, MM looked at me and said "Momma". I swear. But I guess since I'm the only one who heard it it doesn't count.There seems to be a lot of this going around lately


Laurin said...

Oh Please! That TOTALLY counts. If you heard it, that's all that matters. She was talking to you anyway!

that is funny about underpants! where did she get that?