Monday, March 19, 2018

Be a Supportive Voice for Future Patients

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Be a Supportive Voice for Future Patients

Do you remember when you were first diagnosed? You most likely turned to your doctors and became lost in Google searches, but who did you really want to hear from?

Stage 5 Melanoma survivor Dan Engel says, "When I was diagnosed and faced my first clinical trial, I desperately wanted to speak to someone who went before me... I wanted to know what to really expect from a patient’s perspective, not that of a nurse or doctor."

As Patient Leaders, this is a familiar concept. Patients want to hear from other like-minded patients!

"I believe that there are thousands and thousands of survivors like myself who provide informal advocacy on an ad-hoc basis all the time, and would love to be part of a more organized effort to help fellow patients and their families," Dan shares, "The only thing missing is the technology platform to aggregate those survivors. fills that void."

With the platform now available, Dan needs the help of patients within the community to improve the lives of fellow and future patients.
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Patient Choice Awards
Philadelphia, PA
Tues, March 20, 2018 @ 12:30 pm EDT

World Congress, in partnership with WEGO Health, created the Patient Choice Awards to showcase pharma organizations, collaborations, and programs that demonstrate measurably better and more transparent health outcomes and promote a better patient experience. We're pleased to share that 50 of our own Patient Leaders participated as judges. Winners will be announced tomorrow, March 20th, at the Patient Choice Awards Ceremony in Philadelphia!

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Patient Leader Webinar
Platform Power Tips for Patient Leaders: Instagram
Thurs, March 29, 2018 @ 7pm EDT

More than ever, Patient Leaders are taking the platform by storm and amplifying the patient voice through InstaStories, Hashtags and intriguing pictures! Join us for this #PatientLeader as we sit down with 3 Patient Leaders leading the way with their Instagram feed. Marla Murasko, Paige Rawl and Chanel White will share an in-depth discussion on how to own Instagram and make the most of your advocacy efforts on the platform.

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